The Alathar Center to launch “Suhail” Program

Last Sunday, on September 26, 2021, the Alathar Center launched a training program ‘’Suhail’’, designed to provide professional development for personnel   specialized in monitoring and evaluation practices in non-profit organizations. This program is launched with a core focus on providing the personnel with the necessary tools to design….

برنامج سهيل
ملتقى تقييم التنمية

The Alathar Center to launch the first international program in the Middle East to address the issue of the development evaluation

 The Alathar Center launched Saturday on September 11, 2021 the opening of the first program of its kind in the Middle East to be held in the Kingdom for 15 days, in conjunction with ENAP University (National School of Public Administration), and sponsored by

The Alathar Center and the Council of NGOs to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster joint cooperation in developing impact practices for non-profit organizations

Dr. Saadoun Al-Saadoun, the President of the Council of NGOs, and His Excellency Eng. Ahmed bin Adlan Al-Shamrani, the CEO of the Alathar Center, signed in Riyadh today a memorandum of understanding between the Council of NGOs and the Alathar Center….

مركز الأثر

An Agreement made between the Alathar Center and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

 The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the Alathar Center signed an agreement of understanding to  develop community giving indicators , including developing an indicator for individual giving and another one for social responsibility programs carried out by the private sector….

Riyadh - Al Hamra

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