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The Alathar Center is a non-profit Company, established by four Institutional donors and sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRD). 

At the national level, we offer a full range of effective and sustainable impact development services in order to act as a major enabler for   the non-profit sector and government agencies with respect to making the most impactful decisions and policies. 

We are developing capacity-building plans related to impact development and measurement for organizations, government agencies and individuals.

 Our objective is to empower and maximize the tertiary sector’s contributions to development at the national level and achieve the goals of Vision 2030.


To enable individuals and organizations to gain understanding and insights into the development practices and impact measurement, as well as create a supportive environment for maximizing    impact of development interventions. 


 A robust and effective development system, based on evidence-based interventions.


Capacity building

Maturation of Impact Concepts and Practices

Creating knowledge structure for impact practices

Raising Awareness on Impact and fostering its practices through Outreach Campaigns

Highlighting the efforts and impact of the Non-profit Sector.

Maximizing the impact and increasing the effectiveness of development interventions

Supporting practitioners and building a learning community

Providing support and directing the Development Sector in the area of impact

Our Business Principles

Ensuring Sustainability

Making best use of methodologies and approaches to ensure sustainable results.

Vision 2030

Align the planning and design of activities based on the Vision 2030, in order to ensure that interventions and results are consistent with the requirements and outcomes of Vision 2030.

An approach in support of learning and sharing of knowledge

Using tools and methodologies to ensure knowledge transfer to the Sector.

Results-based approach

Design of activities, and selection of impact-oriented and results-based approaches in the short, medium and long term.

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