World Humanitarian Day

The nature of humanitarian action is characterized by the immediate response to several humanitarian needs caused by climate changes, various crises or natural disasters. As a result….

Giving as a potential for the non-profit sector

The non-profit sector constitutes the third component of sustainable economic and social development, along with the government sector and the private sector. It is a pillar of the national wealth in several developed countries….

Evaluation and challenges of Corona Covid19

and orientations, which are affected by various, rapid and sometimes unexpected changes in life. 

These changes do not only have an impact on the projects, Rather, it has also utterly shaped the world, including the Corona pandemic (Covid-19).

We cannot look at evaluation in isolation from what is going on in our world and our societies. Evaluation is basically related to the life cycle of different projects from the moment of planning and identifying the needs for implementation until after the end of implementation….

Riyadh - Al Hamra

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