Performance Evaluation

التحسين المستمر

We provide a full range of assessment services that measure processes, performance, and impacts of development projects in order to gain accurate assessments with a focus on providing insightful information for the decision-making process. Our work helps our clients learn, adapt, and improve their programs in order to face the development challenges. We also conduct these assessments through applying the international best practices with the required quality standards.

Our evaluation services cover a wide range of evaluation and design purposes starting from simple traditional snapshots and longitudinal designs to more innovative developmental and participatory approaches. Through these approaches, we examine the efficiency, suitability, and effectiveness of activities and processes. We assess the sustainability and institutional impacts of interventions and partnerships. We also emphasize on building capabilities, empowering organizations, developing institutional capabilities, and utilizing the evaluations to enrich the decision-making process.

Riyadh - Al Hamra

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